FIFA World Cup 2022™ | Qatar 2022™


Using the power of football to open the door to a world of amazing experiences.


To share Qatar’s unique identity with the world through amazing FIFA World Cup™ experiences that will connect people like never before. We celebrate football and our region, build intercultural understanding and develop opportunities. Hosting the tournament advances Qatar’s ongoing mission for a sustainable future and a lasting legacy for our country, the Middle East, Asia and the world.



People are at the centre of everything we do and will be at the heart of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Our country’s strength comes from all the people who call Qatar home. Together we are creating an amazing FIFA World Cup™ for everyone.

The tournament recognises the highest human achievement – on the pitch, in Qatar and around the world. It is a celebration of the global community coming together at this festival of football in an inclusive and safe environment. 

Our legacy will leave everyone feeling empowered and optimistic about a sustainable future.


Qatar is a global hub that bridges East and West at the heart of the world. Here, you’ll find fast connections with the environment and with each other. The country’s compact nature means everything is within reach, bringing the things that matter to you closer.  

People will share experiences that bring them together in ways you never imagined possible. You’ll be embraced by our friendly, hospitable community and meet people you may never have met otherwise. In Qatar, you will experience today what will be a given tomorrow: advanced, accessible technology and resources that unite people far beyond football.


Qatar is known for its welcoming culture – we take pride in treating visitors like family. Bringing the tournament to the Middle East for the first time means sharing Arab customs and traditions with the world. We would like everyone to explore Qatar’s amazing heritage, stunning landscapes and unique attractions.  

Football is part of our culture – it’s at the heart of everything. This passion drives the cultural celebration where the world can come to enjoy the beautiful game. Qatar offers an exciting place to explore. Our compact, cosmopolitan country is the perfect stage for unique experiences beyond football. A place to be immersed in culture and sport, and feel welcomed.



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